We enable organizations
to redefine their future
with Artificial Intelligence

We help you build capabilities that create competitive advantages based on AI.

We know how to translate potential into value by integrating business strategy, data, and technology.

We help you identify, assess and prioritize AI opportunities.

  • We analyze strategic goals, processes, and data assets
  • We define practical AI use cases and their requirements
  • We help assess value, vendors, costs, and risks

We assist with sourcing, creating, and exploiting data assets.

  • We optimize your utilization of existing data sources
  • We help you generate valuable data from existing processes
  • We advise on investments in and usage of new datasets

We let you take machine learning from idea to deployment.

  • We support you in the planning and execution of ML projects
  • We show you how to build and evaluate ML models
  • We deploy models that generate value in real-time

We help you integrate AI into processes, products, and culture

  • We support you in automating decisions using model predictions
  • We help you enhance product features with AI capabilities
  • We coach executives and train teams to accelerate adoption

Our work creates quick results and long-term transformation across industries.

We create custom AI applications in collaboration with leaders from health care to hedge fund industries and start-ups to Fortune 500 firms. In the process, we boost revenue or cut costs in areas as diverse as marketing, customer service, finance, HR, product development, or risk management.

We optimize performance throughout the customer lifecycle.

  • We lower acquisition costs through lead scoring and targeting
  • We automate cross-selling using personalized recommendations
  • We prevent churn based on lifetime value and activity predictions

We enable demand forecasts and automated pricing.

  • We identify customer segments and demand drivers
  • We run experiments to improve model predictions and decisions
  • We enable personalized pricing in real-time to maximize profits

We help you enhance and upgrade products and services.

  • We make products smarter with personalized predictions
  • We focus on language technology to extract value from text data
  • We automate complex processes like trading strategies

We boost the performance of key support functions.

  • We augment customer service capabilities using dialog systems
  • We reduce employee turnover with predictive risk models
  • We facilitate financial management with targeted forecasts

AI Strategy: From Vision to Value

Our Approach to Artificial Intelligence

We offer end-to-end strategy, implementation, and training support across an organization.

Applied AI works with large and medium-sized firms and startups across industries worldwide, with particular domain expertise in fintech and investment. We focus on longer-term relationships to support organizations on the journey of adopting AI from pilot initiatives to routine implementations. To this end, we provide a complementary set of flexible services that integrate business strategy, organizational management, and technological know-how.

AI Strategy: From design and execution

We work with executives to translate an AI vision into practical results and bottom-line impact. Throughout an organization, we help leaders identify business value and risks to prioritize AI initiatives in light of strategic objectives and design and plan specific projects for timely execution.

Data: Curation, investment, and exploitation

We assess the value and potential gaps of existing data sources and infrastructure against AI goals. We address data management challenges and develop and implement strategies to generate or acquire high-quality data required to achieve target outcomes.

Machine Learning: From research to production

We translate business goals into ML objectives, build datasets that capture critical information, select and fine-tune algorithms, train and evaluate models, create transparency around operation and performance, and facilitate deployment in production.

AI Leadership & Process Management

We work across disciplines and functions and help organizations facilitate communication and achieve broader buy-in. We also foster collaboration across business and tech teams to design and implement AI solutions.

Solution Management

We work across the organization to ensure AI solutions seamlessly integrate into and contribute to business processes and decisions from the design and planning stage.

Coaching, Training & Mentoring

We provide coaching for business executives and data scientists and targeted training on a range of new skills relevant for managing and applying artificial intelligence.

Our Value Proposition: From specific projects to strategic transformations

We believe that new skills are best acquired through practical applications with tangible results, while relationships grow over time through the collaborative creation of value.

We tailor our support to you as our client: we start by identifying & implementing specific AI use cases that achieve tangible outcomes in a reasonable timeframe. As a result, you get to know and trust our services' value, whereas we deepen our understanding of your business, goals, and organization. Due to the substantial value that AI solutions typically deliver, the collaboration naturally grows as we support leaderships and relevant teams through longer-term strategic transformations.