We enable organizations
to redefine their future
with Artificial Intelligence

Build strategic capabilities to create competitive advantages from AI

Creating value through artificial intelligence requires bridging business strategy, data science, and technology.

Value & Prioritize AI Opportunities

  • Screen strategic goals for applicable AI use cases
  • Estimate implementation cost and business value
  • Prioritize according to value, risks, and resource availability

Build & Manage Informative Data Sets

  • Identify, access, and prepare relevant data sets
  • Evaluate data quality and signal content
  • Expand depth and breadth of data as useful and economic

Optimize Machine Learning Models

  • Select algorithms suitable for task and data
  • Train machine learning models
  • Evaluate and refine model performance

Integrate Model Results into Business Processes

  • Automate decisions based on real-time predictions
  • Augment human capabilities using model information
  • Monitor model performance and adjust as necessary

Create value short- and long-term across all business areas

AI applications generate revenue or cut costs from marketing & sales to product development, customer service or HR.

Optimize Customer Lifecycle Performance

  • Reduce CPA through lead scoring and targeted conversion
  • Automate cross- and upselling using recommender systems
  • Take preventive action based on churn prediction

Understand Demand and Automate Pricing

  • Identify drivers and patterns of product demand
  • Dynamically adjust pricing to reflect individual sensitivity, relationship history, and competitive context

Enhance Products & User Experience

  • Integrate predictive models into intelligent products
  • Leverage language and speech recognition for better user interfaces

Improve the performance of key support functions

  • Augment customer service capabilities using, e.g., sentiment analysis
  • Reduce employee turnover using predictive risk models

Towards the Strategic Application of AI

Our Approach to Artificial Intelligence

We provide end-to-end strategy, implementation, and training support

Applied AI works with Fortune 500 companies, investors, startups and public sector organizations worldwide.

AI Strategy Development

We work with organizations to identify business value and risks to prioritize AI initiatives against strategic objectives, and design and plan specific projects.

Data Strategy & Data Management

We assess existing data against AI goals, address data management challenges, and develop strategies to enhance data quality and availability and upgrade data infrastructure.

AI Leadership & Process Management

We work across disciplines and help organizations facilitate communication and foster collaboration across business and tech teams to design and implement AI solutions.

Machine Learning Implementation

We select and adapt appropriate algorithms, train and evaluate models, create transparency around operation and performance, and facilitate implementation in production.

Solution Management

We work with organization to ensure the adoption of AI solutions in business processes and decision making, including communication and continuous improvement.

Coaching, Training & Mentoring

We provide coaching for business executives and data scientists, and targeted training on a range of new skills relevant for managing and applying artificial intelligence.

Our Services: From short-term project implementation to strategic transformations

We tailor our support to your our clients get started to identify & implement specific AI use cases, and guide leaders & organizations through strategic transformations.